Oud competition Damascus
5.8.2009 - 9.8.2009

This year it was the second time this competition for Oud and Buzuk is held there. A honorable group of musicians are members of the jury:

  • Husain Sabsaby, Syria
  • Said Yussef, Syria
  • Sherbil Rohana, Lebanon
  • Sakher Hatter, Jordon
  • Fathi Muhsin, Oman
  • Mohamad Bitmez, Turkey
  • Nassir Shamma, Iraq
  • Walid Osaid, Syria
  • Joseph Tawrados, Australia
It was an competition for young players, and two groops have been created: until the age of 14 and then until the age of 18. Around 40 participants were here in Damascus, coming from different countries:
  • Syria
  • Jordan
  • Iran
  • Egypt
  • Tunisia
  • Maroc
Following an invitation by the organisation, I took a fly to Damascus and with me, I had 5 instruments. There were also other instrument makers from Syria, Libanon and Iraq showing their instruments. It was an interesting event to get in contact with the best players on the oud of the arabic countries and to meet the oud makers from there. It was an open and collegial meeting there, during the exhibition in the evening and in the hotel where we were all together.

But the most interesting point of course was the competition itself. It was absolutely great to listen to all the participants which played all absolutely excellent. They will be the future of the oud playing world. I'm sure we will hear more from them soon. Pictures of the competition and exhibition you may see in the right column.

In the next part I will list the winners.

More impressions from the competition can be found on the following picture page:

picture impressions

part of the Jury

the oud makers

preparing the finale

my instruments in the exposition

one player is testing my instrument


the winners of the competition:

group until the age of 18

1st place:
Mohamed Abozekry, Cairo

2nd place:
Seifeddine Ben Mhenni, Tunisia
Seifeddine Ben Mhenni

3rd place:
Hadil Merkhan, Damascus
Hadil Merkhan

group until the age of 14

Platz 1 Altersgruppe bis 14 Jahre