The archlute, a small variant of the chitarrone is a type of instrument that is good for solo music, caused by the smaller string length of 64 - 68 cm. There are a lot of variants of applying the courses: 6 - 7 stopped strings, and sometimes 8 courses and additionally 7 - 8 bourdon strings or even courses. Of interest is the fact that there existed some really small instruments of these types. One example is an instrument by Johannes Hieber und Andreas Pfanzelt with 6 x 2 + 5 x 1 strings and string length of 49/76 cm. This instrument belongs to a collection in Geneve, Suiss. Another instrument I know is one from Matteo Sellas, which is noe in the music instrument museum in Leipzig. The mould of this instrument gave me the body of my 10-course descant lute I made.

Theese small instruments you will not find in the list of my offered models. But if you are interested in them, please get in contact with me.