renaissance lutes

The epoch of the renaisance lasted from about 1450 until 1620 the start of the baroque period in lute music.

Before 1500 the lute only had 4 -5 courses and was played with the skill. Then in the first half of the 16th century the lute had for a long time 6 courses. From this period some instruments survivd, e.g. instruments by Hans Frei and Georg Gerle. Theese instruments are the base for making our copies.

It is important to mention, that in the renaissance period the lute was build in afamily. That means, that there existed lutes in differen sizes for different tunings. There existed a soprano lute, descant lute, the alto lute, a tenor lute bass lute and the so called "Grossoktavbasslaute". All these instrument sizes may be found exhibited in various museums. And the music confirms the existance of these sizes. E.g. Nicolas Vallet wrote music pieses for a consort ( quartett ) with those sizes.