Mandola historisch - Reconstruktion after Antonio Stradivari

Mandola - reconstruction after Antonio Stradivari

Mandola reconstruction after drawings in the museo Stradivario, Cremona

5 course mandolins by Antonio Stradivari do exist in different collections, a mandola is not known to me. As the existing mandolins are fitting to the available templates that are shown in the Stardivari museum in Cremona I'm planning a reconstruction of a mandola in correspondence to the existing tamplates. These templates are shown in the Stradivari museum in Cremona and in the Book "The secrets of Stradivari" by Simone Sacconi. This will be an instrument having a string length between 42 and 53 cm. Due to this the tuning may be different and should be decided by the musicians. This has to be discussed before starting an order.

4 x 2 or 6 x 2 courses, vibriting length about 44 cm shell 11 ribs maple or cypress, neck and pegbox one piece maple other parts of the instrument in arrangement with the client.

  • Body 9 or 11 ribs curly maple with walnut or black spacers.
  • Top made out of fine european spruce with the original rose design.
  • The neck and pegbox is made out of one piece of maple
  • The fingerboard is made from ebony
  • For the pegs I use plum wood, a very good wood for this purpose or boxwood and they will be stained black
  • The bridge is made out of pear wood, the traditional wood for lute and mandolin bridges
  • The mould is varnished with french polishing
  • The stringing will be gut and wound gut.