Genuese mandolin about 1700, side view Genuese mandoline um 1700, X-ray picture Floriano Bosi, milanese mandolin mandolin, rose

historical mandolines

The instruments listed on this page I will give the attribut "Stradivari Style Instruments". My reason for this classification is the following:

In the museum of Cremona, Italy the home town of Antonio Stradivari are shown a lot of mandolin construction templates. These templates for bodies and necks gives us the idea of at minimum 12 different models of mandolines and mandolas. And Stradivari gave to these instruments his own name: "MANDOLINO". The interesting point of all these models is the small body. The ratio length to width of the top is about 2. So I will use his name giving for all the slim mandolin models. I will call them all mandolino.

The mentioned templates may be found in the book: "I secreti di Stradivari" by Simone Sacconi. Furthermore I want to refer here to an lesson I held in 1988 in Trossingen ( Germany ) at the "Mandolinen Symposion" and which is now available online as a PDF - file. You will find this article here.

Carlo Sauli, cremonese mandolin - bridge