Riqq in traditional egyptian style

Inspired to make riqq's I have been by Adel Shams El Din. During the 1st ( "oriental music summer academy Badenweiler" in 2011, Adel Shams was a teacher there and we discussed to make a tunable riqq. He was born in Alexandria and has specialized himself for the riqq. He discovered a lot of traditional playing techniques. Always he gets a new instrument, he is doing some modifications. But he did not have and could not find it in the arabic world: a tunable riqq made in the clasical egyptian style.

So I decided to make one. And I've put into this model all the approvements Adel Shams El Dim has developed during the past years. Not to say tunable riqqs do not exist,, they do but not in the strict trditional way. So we developed togather this model in 2011.


  • wood for frame: beech - cherry - walnut
  • frame height: 60 mm
  • frame thickness: 10 mm
  • cymbals: original import from egypt
  • slots for the cymbals: 70 mm width
  • width for the slots: 10, 11 or 12 mm

egyptian riqq egyptian riqq, tunable

The delivery time for a riqq will actually last 2 month

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