Aoud made in Germany

The aoud ( oud, ud ) the Arabic lute is more and more played outside Arabic countries. The music is fascinating. Many famous Arabic musicians are touring around the world. 

My first contacts to that new instrument world happened in 1999, so nearly 20 years ago. A player came to me asking for a new soundboard for his instrument, as the old one was broken. I did this job and it was the beginning of a big love. And also my contact to Haig Manoukian inspired me to take more attention to this Instrument.

1999, that was about after 20 years making the European lute in all the variants this instruments has. After having done many different lutes over that 20 years, I could start going into the aoud making using my big source of experience and practise with that instrument. I dwell this, as there are big differences between the guitar and a lute and I saw so many lutes made by a guitar maker, which are far away from being a real lute.

Also in making the aoud I applied the same principle which is used generally in the lute making scene: discovering the old instruments, then copying them for a while before starting own models. This is highly important for the European lute, as they are dedicated to play old music, music from the renaissance and the baroque period on the copies. But isn’t it the same situation with the aoud? I mean it is, it is because very often music from the 20th century is played, often from the beginning of that or music which is written in that style. It is to my opinion the same situation as with the guitar. For music from the 19th century a different guitar is used and not a modern one.

So by this reason I discovered many aouds, did some repairs on old instruments ( see here ) and and after a really long period I started to create an own model. This is my floating bridge model 2011. Some more special models will follow, probably in 2019. Inscribe to my newsletter to be informed abut new models being finished.