new floating bridge aoud model 2011

new floating bridge aoud model 2011

After I was asked about an own aoud model with a floating bridge I created with this one an own instrument of this type. This follows the effords of many musicians from the sphere of Nasseer Shamma and of course he himself too.

And of course I did not copy an existing instrument by a still working maker which is a taboo. This would not be a behavior of a professional maker.

Meanwhile I saw many instruments from different makers on various festivals. My goal was then to create an instrument which is totally clear in sound from high to low. The result is this model which you can hear in the video here, played by Mohammed Abozekry.
I am sure, you first will be surprized and then convinced from that really clear sound over the whole range.

Mohammed is lot on tour in Germany and over the whole world. Have a look on his website and visit one of his concerts.

Mohamed Abozekry

This model here follows the effords which Naseer Shamma gives to his instruments which are a scale of 57 cm and a body width of 37 cm.
The instrument is build as licght as it can be done, a very important.

Mohamed Abozekry & Matthias Wagner

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