Oud after Mohamed Fadhel, Baghdad

Aoud after Mohamed Fadhel, Baghdad

Mohamed Fadhel was the aoud maker of Mounir Bashir in Baghdad. They worked togather many years and developed several aoud models. One of them is this here. Its a model which Munir Bashir played until the end of his life ant it can be  seen in several Youtube videos.

Also all members of the group “Al Bayrak” with students of Munir Bashir played this model. But also nowadays there are many professional oudists, who love this model and don’t want to miss it like Ali Hassan, Marcel Khalife, Sami Nassim and many more.

The special  point of this model is, that in comparison to most of the aoud models in the arabic world, its body is not so deep. Normally the depth of the body is half size of the soundboard width or sometimes even more. But here we have a depth which is less in size. Here we have about 2 cm less than the normal size. That makes the instrument much more easy to hold, and about the sound there are also effects.

Once I measured an original Instrument. I offer this as a 6- or 7-string instrument with various woods.

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