various models

various oud models

Oud semiaccoustic - flat body
Oud semiaccoustic - flat body

In general the sizes of the oud do not varying so much. Some differences appear with the scale, especially between türkish ouds ( 58,5 cm ) and arabic ouds ( 60 – 63 cm ). 

But I did realize, that other forms for the oud are of interest and ot rarely used. So I decided to create several various oud models. My first two develoments are:

Flat Oud

Due to an order I created this model. It can be compared with semi-accoustic guitar. My instrumans also a flat body and by accoustical reasons it is made asa floating bridge oud. I integrate a pickup under the bridge, which ist installed with a end buuton for a 6.3 mm jack. So it is a good stage instrument, easy to handle and to transport. A custom case is available, but probably it will also fin in an electric guitar’s case.

children oud — soprano oud

sometimes among turkish and arabic instruments small instruments can be found. Mainly they are used as instruments for children. But they can also be used as soprano instruments. 

electric oud

And of course I already created such a model which is nearly ready and will be presented here soon.

More special oud models

will follow. Some are already in preparation. I will publishing it here after a new one is ready. Those who did inscribe to my newsletter will be the first who get knowledge of it.